due to the pirated channels in the Telegram book publishers earned more than 55 billion

Pirated copies of books in the Telegram spread about 200 channels with a total audience of about 2 million people, said the head of the Association for protection of rights on the Internet (ISAPI) Maxim Rabika.

Even if not the whole audience pirated channels download books, the publishers fell short because of them more than 55 billion rubles, according to AZAPI. And messenger outways one of the largest sources of piracy in Russia.

According to Rabuka, copyright holders can't go to court about piracy in the Telegram, as the service is officially blocked in Russia from April 2018. Treatment ISAPI Telegram did not respond, so the organization complains to Apple and Google.

AZAPI hopes that the Telegram or introduced the technology of "digital fingerprint", which allows you to track pirated content and have helped "Vkontakte" in a similar dispute with book publishers, either impose the identification of the owners of the channels, so they could make a legal claim.


Translated using Yandex.API


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