🤳 Too Much Branded Influencer Content on Social Media

Influencer marketing and branded content on #SocialMedia is quickly catching up to traditional advertising — but how do consumers feel about this development?

According to new data from Kantar, a third of consumers like branded content less than ads. The number is almost 60% in @perspectiveix Telegram community, according to the poll in the previous post [after 169 votes].

The amount of these branded and promotional content is another attitude determining factor. Kantar data shows 42% of the respondents say that they see too much branded content on social media, while 22% claimed that they don't notice it.

How do you feel about that? Do you think you're seeing too much of them? Or you don't even notice them? Or they don't bother you?

🦅 @perspectiveix via MarketingCharts.


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