Ant Bank Is Officially Open For Business in Hong Kong 
Hong Kong citizens can now enjoy 24/7 banking services offered by Ant Bank, including easy-to-use money transfer and access to high-yield savings accounts with annual interest rates up to 2.5% on deposits. In addition to attractive rates, Ant Bank will also partner with AlipayHK to integrate banking services into consumer needs such as clothing, food, rent, transportation and entertainment. Read more in The Standard.
Cross-border Trade Platform Trusple Launched  
Ant Group launched a global trade and financial services platform, Trusple. The platform aims to make it easier and less costly for all participants – especially SMEs – to sell to customers around the world. It also reduces costs for financial institutions so they can better serve SMEs in need. Read more in Reuters.
Bangladesh’s First Blockchain Remittance Service Launched Using Ant Technology
Standard Chartered Bank, together with bKash of Bangladesh and Valyou of Malaysia, launched the first blockchain-based cross-border remittance service in Bangladesh, facilitating instant transfers from Malaysia. See more in The Daily Star.

Did You Know?

In Malaysia, Mooncakes Are Now Traceable To Ensure Food Safety

With the adoption of AntChain’s Traceability-as-a-Service solution, customers buying from well-known mooncake maker Overseas Enterprise during the holiday season can now trace the products’ origins, verify Halal certifications, and check expiration dates simply via a mobile app. The leading Chinese restaurant group is the first local SME to adopt AntChain solutions in Southeast Asia. Read more on Disruptive Tech ASEAN.


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Madyma Sam
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