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At Kick Ecosystem, we have created our version of referral program — KickRef to build a community of real traders for the upcoming KickEX and give them the rewards they deserve. Find crucial instructions on how to use the ecosystem features effectively and receive an additional passive income after KickEX launch.

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Kick token exchange site deposit address not available . Why?
Kick token exchange site deposit address not available . Why?
Hello. Because it's in a beta test at this moment. So the deposit and withdrawals are disabled. Also you will receive a demo balance there for testing. The release is scheduled later. Please, follow the RoadMap ( https://www.kickico.com/RoadMap.pdf ).
This are the mean reasons I joined the kick project, all your marketing tools, you made it in a way that it will not be abused. I surely believe the kickex will surpass the world number one exchange in a very short period of time. Thumbs up.
Wadanoni crypto
Let kick Ecosystem try and improve the UI of the exchange for fast testing and trading
Nice project