The SEC issued a new Memorandum, which refers to the doubt that the command of the messenger, in principle, prepared to launch the revolutionary blockchain in the form in which it was promised to investors.

In the new Memorandum, the regulator says: not the fact that TON, according to the developers, ready, because there's no proof. Moreover, even if something Telegram and ready, most likely, the product will not match the promises of the developers from white paper and other documents that are offered to investors. SEC this conclusion is made based on the opinions of experts.

Investors Telegram, spoke The Bell, I believe in the success of TON and are confident that the blockchain will be ready in time. That investors are not disappointed in the project, speak and vote, which Telegram held in October: the majority of individual investors and the funds agreed with the postponement of the launch in April and did not demand the return of their money.

Full version Memorandum in English document on @infotonen

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