Join now the new Cryptotipsfriends Discord & the Discord launching event, win up to 150 ENJ !🤝

Be active on discord and earn points. These promotions will relaunch the cryptotipsfriends project. Slowly but surely!
Yes I was in pause mode for some time but I do not give up.

I will be active on Telegram,Twitter, Discord and the websites.

No, crts wont stop, yes there have been bad times but these impacting things are now behind me. The cryptotipsfriends projects will be simplified and comeback to these community project fundamentals.

The turbulence of this market has also been caused by a large number of scams, profiteers and bad people. I think this wave has passed, now it's the trend of "move to earn project" and in 6 months it will be something else, dyor. I work 90% alone since day 1, I am passionate and I am happy to be in connection with you all around the world. thank you all🤝

Discord Event:

if you have any questions write below 🤝


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