The channel list is about to hit 100 channels, 100 channels seem to be a optimal number so in order to add more channels other channels must be deleted.
/Telegrampol/ is open to suggestions about what channels to delete, send your candidates for deletion and the reasons to this bot (@pol_admins_bot).
The final verdict is up to /Telegrampol/ administrators, results will be displayed in the next report.


Clean Random anon channel
Enlightenment Links
I just made my channel 42 hours ago and it is at 98 subscribers. Within the first 24 hours it gained between 75 subscribers.

It is RapeKriegDivision. May I please join the list?
Oh and also, Id recommend deleting dead and deleted channels.
Do you have accursed guardian?
I like having Random Anon Channel on there to watch his subs drop. There are a few channels on there that are just dead. Those would be the ones to clear out first imo.
Get rid of Random Anon Chan and Enlightenment Links. Also maybe you should get rid of the bottom 50. And just have 50
Add back fashymemeslut you niggerfaggots.