The new one is OK. But the number of claims per day should be increased pls
hope you add investment so we can grow are bitcoins🤗👍⛏️
I like the old way for one reason you didn’t have to go to another link then countdown then click a bunch of crap to finally get back to the right place. I like it. You just did the picture or word there. It didn’t send you to every dang place
Wanted to ask how long it takes to receive a Withdrawn coin?
The website should remember one's password at point of log in.
I always input my email ,password,solve many captchas ,just to log in.
The site should make use of cookies or something to remember login's .
Vinayak Shende
Dear Sir, You have increased time & decrease pay rates. This work is not affordable to us. In future many workers will left work of your website. Nobody can work. Please give high pay rates. Many websites are giving high pay rates. Thanks.
This takes to much time for completing the time of claim so old one was better
i love the dark theme. admin, i can't login. always back to login form. can you help me? i'm using brave browser and i cleared chace already, but still can't login.