EVERYONE please picture Kim, in the light of source, shielded and safe! I've added her to the room filled with light so bright, it's impossible to see anything but the light! 💖


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Transmuting Violet Flame and Arch Angel Michael’s Golden Dome of protection all around her! 💜🔥💫
Karolann Hoeltzle
Perfect! ... background is perfect fit! ... am sooo excited about this new secured platform for The People globally!
Why has Kim used Disney character's name?
Taking Back America WITHOUT Violence through Influence by Jayson H. Burg aka Son-Raven: Liberty 03-28-17 Rev 05-23-20

Taking Back America from Imperial Capitalists and the Vatican will be achieved by Influence WITHOUT

The following is the plan for peacefully removing We the People and the World from the Evil One:

1. Redirecting the People’s Capital away Major Banks into People’s Union State Bank.

2. Each city, town, and hamlet needs to be Independent, yet Interdependent Unifying its limited resources to conserve energy and capital.

3. Creating / Reestablishing Core Values:
a. Sustainability
b. Natural Resources
c. Economy
d. Morality
e. Armed for Self Defense
f. Resource Sharing
g. Creating Local Businesses and Jobs
h. Follow the Ten Commandants of the Native Americans
i. The Great Spirit
ii. One Own Creed
iii. Bringing back Spiritualism and Faithfulness in all Creeds
iv. Unification under the Peacemaker Huron (www.earthmothercrying.org)
i. To Reduce Carbon Omissions
j. Energy Production:
i. Solar Electric
ii. Solar Thermo
iii. Tesla Technologies
iv. Geothermal

4. Build America From the Ground Up
a. Rebuilding America with Safe Weather Secure Structures
i. SeaLand Trailers
b. Eliminating Poverty
c. Eliminating Homelessness
d. Eliminating Illiteracy
e. Establishing Population Growth
f. Waste Not! Want Not!
g. Conservation of Natural Resources

The Above Points will be Addressed and Solved by Joining and Learning with Our Flagship-Michigan State www.National-Assembly.net in your respective Counties and States. Go and Sign up to New Jersey’s People’s State Assembly at nj.assembly@aol.com. New Jersey People’s Sate Assembly Leader is Jayson H. Burg on Facebook

Mr. Machine Establishment State M.E.S. Government
Has No Convenient
With Sovereign People.
Only Implied Contracts
Which are Repugnant, Null and Void
We the People can walk away with Impunity! Join! Learn! Take Action! With www.national-assembly.net.
Anthony Walker
She is an Angel and Light 🌍🌏🌎🌈🙏🏻
Terri Garofalo
Shielding energy of love and light surrounding her and extending out around planet earth and humanity! 🙏🙏🙏💜💜💜💙💙💙🌹🌹🌹