🦁 Brave Together: Video Calls with Privacy & No Limits

Brave has been my default desktop browser for over a year now. Switching to Brave wasn't the easiest decision back then, but it was the right one — just because my work process depended on more than a few Chrome extensions. Now, after almost a year with Brave, I don't even have Chrome installed on my laptop.

I had quite a few reasons that caused me to switch. Still, the main ones were my interest in crypto and Brave's BAT (Basic Attention Token) — which did relate to my PhD topic, its speed (mainly because of its built-in ad-blocker, and its focus on privacy.

And recently, Brave has announced Brave Together — Brave's unlimited and privacy-focused videoconferencing tool (based on Jitsi's opensource software).

I wrote a short article about Brave Together, just because it was fascinating to me. You can read it here: https://prs.pctvix.co/2XfO8P6

and you can download Brave here.

PS. This post's image shows what Brave has done for me.

🦅 @perspectiveix


Start using this 3 months ago after hearing that it has its own crypto coins called BAT... Amazing browser to have

P/s: not forget about its super privacy control✨
For now its about 6usd like that because i got some issue with my notifications... Sometimes its showup sometime don't