To answer to some comments on the previous post : There is no issue on login. If you can't log : be sure to not have TOR or dynamic VPN, privacy shield, Cookie & JavaScript or any ads/script blocker... Also be sure to use an updated browser.

Remind to claim at the 300% high rate ! Our faucets will get their normal rate (still ~200% from before) soon.


Please why is saying too may active ip address
Hi im trying to login and its not login successfully even thought i have my passwoed save on my explorer browsee ..this problem happen with the new version .and it made me worried about my coins and i withdrawed half of them because of this issue and without being able to talkbto support if i cant login ..this problem will continue or it will be solved?
I cant login my account why pls work on it quickly
Stefano Su [STPZ1]
Hi, it says that my account is banned but I don't know why? what do I have to do? thanks
Hcaptcha is not working