The new version of the harvest game is released. Enjoy 😊


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Hi guys how to withdraw for this side
Can't withdraw for my cosmos wallet.
Hi guys! I need someone's advice - I'm able to login only being at home and connected to my wifi, if I'm not at home I never was able to login. Anybody knows how to fix it?
Can't log in why what the hell seriously where is the support center and stuff
Я нашёл код
When are you gonna fix the classic faucet? After a while it tells you to do click on url shorterner links instead of captcha, and the links are not even working...
I hit a 10x and didn't get it where is support?
Hello, how do I get any help!?
Max Fernandes
What a shitty faucet, never got my email validation. On chat your are just ignored and the only way to get a support is becoming a VIP member. But there is no instructions on how to get it done 🤦🏻‍♂️
Fuck this faucet it's bullshit they literally say that you can do the offer wall I completed one of the offers and the people on the offer wall claimed that all I did was click I'll prove it right here and now that you guys are bullshit and oh wow you don't allow me to send pictures you guys are even more bullshit now