The new version of the harvest game is released. Enjoy 😊


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Sean A.
Could you guys lower the withdraw fee for BTT?
Hey guys I can't log in 😔 I've waited a while but the login window just resets
Hi guys how to withdraw for this side
Can't withdraw for my cosmos wallet.
Hi guys! I need someone's advice - I'm able to login only being at home and connected to my wifi, if I'm not at home I never was able to login. Anybody knows how to fix it?
Can't log in why what the hell seriously where is the support center and stuff
Я нашёл код
When are you gonna fix the classic faucet? After a while it tells you to do click on url shorterner links instead of captcha, and the links are not even working...
I hit a 10x and didn't get it where is support?
Hello, how do I get any help!?