Allcoins will turn into maintenance for few minutes...maybe hours. The new website is coming with a big surprise ! 🤑


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N how i can mine?
Hi can y'all keep ethereum ripple litecoin and bch with btc please I used them mostly
I did but I like that better than the web miner wish we can mine all the other coins to on command miner along with btc
Can't wait to see what the new all coins look like hope its up today I'm excited
Vadowillie (Delta)
Please the anti bot system should be worked on now that the site is under maintenance, it's not strict and the banned of account also is not strict as well. Some verification process she be made before banning of account coz some times network signal can go bad automatically.
Secondly whenever as account is blocked or banned there should be a way out to retrieve account please
hello good my account has been deleted and I do not understand the reason
somebody help me? this is time stealing
Hi allcoins admin .. since the morning i cant login to my account.i thought i typed it wrong .then clicked on forget password .and tried after that to login with the temporary pass that i received in email but also i cant login .. do i have only this problem today ? Please answer me i cant contact no one except writing here .and this feel not good at all
Антон Петров
Good time of day. I can't confirm the captcha. The button is hidden at the bottom of the monitor and does not rise.
Temmy Boy
I was unable to login for some days now... The site keep on telling me invalid email ... Pls try I fix it... I need to withdraw all my coins