Let's Fight #COVID19 virus !

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The Novel Coronavirus is devastating the world. It could get worse in Africa in the coming few weeks or months.Some software developers in Ethiopia have launched some digital solutions to combat the pandemic. For instance, Corona Virus in Ethiopia Status and Tracking Website , Coronavirus Update Website by Nabil Hassen, and Covid19-Ethiopia by Nabil Mohammed. We believe we can bring a significant effect if we contribute with the skills that we have got. This is also the opportunity to promote open-source community in Ethiopia.

Well, Do you want to join the campaign and start to help? We highly recommend to join Ethiopia COVID-19 Response Task Force Community. In this community, you can participate in different open-source digital solutions or serve as a volunteer.
There are already 7 undergoing projects in the task-force community. There is a slack channel as communication channel. Join now and leave your fingerprint.



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