Please, be aware of the last news on about coins removal (DGB, PIVX, BTG, ZEC, ETN, RDD, BSV)


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Pleas Etn&Zec are still going to rise
Bsv need To stay also pivx...
Tried to withdraw bsv and had it returned with the comment impossible to do transaction. You kept the fed when the issue was not my fault. You guys need a support email because asking people to use chat doesn’t work
Hi sir my account is not accepting my password or email??
They probably deleted your account for inactivity. They did that to me once and the only way to even contact them is to create a new account and try to talk to a mod in chat. Support on this site is poor
angelo reyes
Please stay etn because etn was being popular now
ETN will be sorely missed because I use the tap more to earn ETN.
Need new coin like 0x, bat, xtz, eos
помоему у них освобождение очевидцем хер че получишь
сайт дебильный