Sociologia Ruralis, 59(4).zip
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Gkartzios, M., Crawshaw, J., & Mahon, M. (2019). Doing Art in the Country. Sociologia Ruralis, 59(4), 585–588.

Gkartzios, M., & Crawshaw, J. (2019). Researching Rural Housing: With an Artist in Residence. Sociologia Ruralis, 59 (4), 589-611.

Mahon, M., & Hyyryläinen, T. (2019). Rural Arts Festivals as Contributors to Rural Development and Resilience. Sociologia Ruralis, 59 (4), 612-635.

Fois, F., Woods, M., Yang, Y., & Zheng, X. (2019). Recovering tradition in globalising rural China: Handicraft Birdcages in Da’ou village. Sociologia Ruralis, 59(4), 661-684.


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