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I Ola
I can't access my account says I have been blocked, but it automatically brings out my registration details. Issues came wen u updated the site. Please look into it. Aioh with dejiharris@yahoo.com
I Ola
Please assist ASSP
Sometimes I can log in sometimes i can not log in. Maybe some bugs.
I can't login please y na
I logged in around 12am now I can't ?
I can't login with my old account again what is happening. I ready deposited some LTC in it.
I can’t log in, says too many active accounts with my IP i dont understand that ive been using only one email address for 1yr plus and then i tried to change password it said no active account with my email . I try to register again it says the same IP thing
Vinayak Shende
Dear Sir, You have increased time & decrease pay rates. This work is not affordable to us. In future many workers will left work of your website. Nobody can work. Please give high pay rates. Many websites are giving high pay rates. Thanks.
Guys tell me this site legit or scam?
Wesley Cosme
I deposited by debit and the money did not fall into bitcoin what do I do??