Hello ! 👋

We resolved all the reported issues.

If you are still faced to any bug please do the following :
- read the page to be sure you are doing what's expected,
- update your internet browser,
- refresh the page and retry,
- be sure to disabled ad-blocker, privacy shields, ...

If the problem is still here, please comment this message with all informations relative to this bug !

The next big step will be the release of the new Harvest Game 😍😍


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Did this site stop insisting valid emails are not valid?
ℙ𝕒𝕝𝕖 ℍ𝕠𝕣𝕤𝕖
Have not been able to log in for 4 months. -iHeartBIT.
I keep getting logged out, to log in becomes an issue for months now
I keep getting logged out...then it doesn't allow me log in again...my browsers are updated, ad blockers are turned off. Pls fix this issue, it has been on for a while now
Nhoj Batario
I try to withdraw my balance and then I confirmed it on my email and then suddenly there's a message from the admin that my withdrawal is unauthorized. my browser is updated and the ad blocker is turned off. Please fix this issue, my last withdrawal was no issue
Is there any admin to contact? I having issues with logging in, I was able to create a new account from my already existing account
Hi.. My email is not found.. Can you assist
segun Akinolopade
I have only one account and yet my account is banned saying my IP is proxy/VPN/bad IP pls help
segun Akinolopade
Username. AyomideOlo11
Email tundeolopde@gmail.com
Hi my name is bimbo baby 9 and I literally completed a offer on the offer wall and it said that I only clicked on it and I didn't complete it and it's not even a pending offer but I have two screenshots on my thing that prove that not only that I complete the damn offer but that they put no effort into saying that I did or not and they didn't even care whether or not I completed the offer they didn't give me anything for it it's bullshit