The new version of the harvest game is released. Enjoy 😊


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Apparently the admins of this website don't give a shit about the people who use their website. Can't get in touch with anyone unless you pay them $50 on btc even then I see loyal customers still being treated like shit. I was told my account was banned this morning and then suddenly I was able to log back in. I'm a huge fan of the website and the command miner but the customer service is terrible. I know you people make enough money to hire someone to handle these issues. C'mon now....
Salut j'ai besoin d'aide pour comment trouver mon code d'authentification Google pour ainsi confirmer mon premier retrait. Un grand merci à vous d'avance
I would like to know where is the option to buy farmers in harvest game. I played in January and lost due to not having enough motivation. My username is
Hi .My account was banned , There is any way to get it back?
Hi .My account was banned , There is any way to get it back?
Good evening
I had an issue with the classic faucet and now I cannot login anymore and I get a message that my account is blocked due to "bad usage".
Any possibility to remedy this?
is there any staff ... I want to say, the website is very stupid, just a little error, it was immediately blocked ... The same 2 pop-up links were immediately blocked, actually it's the owner's fault, don't blame the members, but the fault is just me (owner). this is totally website scam, my balance is over $ 10, but it's blocked anyway. reporting to the help center must register, while the balance of the last $ 10 dollar account is blocked, thousands of emails if they are still blocked because of minor errors are very "annoying", allcoin benefits and harms its members.
Ravi Kishan
Plz sir upgrade ure website
Please fix the Referral earnings add wagers, offer wall, & auto faucet claims plz
Cant login...i ask to reset password and receive new password via email..still cant it down?
Could you guys lower the withdraw fee for BTT?
Hey guys I can't log in 😔 I've waited a while but the login window just resets
Hi guys how to withdraw for this side
Can't withdraw for my cosmos wallet.
Hi guys! I need someone's advice - I'm able to login only being at home and connected to my wifi, if I'm not at home I never was able to login. Anybody knows how to fix it?
Can't log in why what the hell seriously where is the support center and stuff
Я нашёл код
When are you gonna fix the classic faucet? After a while it tells you to do click on url shorterner links instead of captcha, and the links are not even working...
I hit a 10x and didn't get it where is support?
Hello, how do I get any help!?
Max Fernandes
What a shitty faucet, never got my email validation. On chat your are just ignored and the only way to get a support is becoming a VIP member. But there is no instructions on how to get it done 🤦🏻‍♂️
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